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Cute KIDS Cartoon Bento-Style

The Gift They Never Knew They Wanted  Say goodbye to those old / basic lunch boxes and say hello to the new Japanese inspired lunch box. JapBox suits your everyday life😲😮

You know what sucks about regular lunch boxes? EVERYTHING. What fun is a regular lunch box? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL! You know what is fun? The New Revolutionary JapBox - Everything is where it needs to be and not touching, with different compartments to suit your everyday life. BUT wait there's more.
  • JapBox also includes a leak-proof "Microwaveable"; you heard that corretly, microwaveable!
  • Who said lunch breaks cant be fun?
  • The most fun since lunch in kindergarten
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Sometimes a stylish and durable lunch kit is all you need to help protect the planet from plastic pollution!

Disposable plastic cutlery & straws are among the most common types of garbage found during beach cleanups around the globe. More than 500,000,000 straws are used and thrown away daily around the globe! That's enough to wrap them around the globe almost three times each day! Our oceans provide us 60% of our planets oxygen. We should at least treat the ocean well if its keeping us alive!

Fortunately, this problem could be easily solved by using our reusable lunch kit. Just keep it with you in its convenient pouch inside your purse or backpack. Use it anytime you need when traveling or at work on your lunch break.

Chemical and BPA free ~ it can even go in the dishwasher. The lightweight pouch keeps the utensils together and is easy to carry. Say no to single-use plastic!

  • Never have to use plastic utensils again when you go out to eat!
  • This lunch kit lasts a lifetime
  • Save an average of 75 plastic utensils every single year!
  • Durable - waste free & free from plastic!

This kit includes: Various Styles

  • Multi Tiered JapBox - Lunch Box
  • Cutlery Set
  • The JapBox Lifestyle, is based around our daily; "DAY 2 DAY" life’s on Planet Earth.
  • It means our products are COMPLETELY Eco-Friendly yet made for our everyday use, with a Flex-Side to make a statement.
  • Distinguished designs of art work, balanced by the warmth of the gorgeous minimlist approch, lending to a refined daily experience. They are not just any products. They are an invitation to share your best self with the world.
  • At JapBox we believe in style, in quality and in the beauty of our products. Each product design in our FOODIE Collection is a unique project, built on history, research, development just like a work of art, on originality.
SHOW THE WORLD WHO'S BOSS, with the perfect combo to suit your daily life 😲😮 HIGH STANDARDS. LOW PRICES.
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And it's Eco-Friendly ♻️
JapBox products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could produce.


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